While living in a Global Economic Hub, UAE students need to have knowledge of the latest technology. RISS puts an emphasis on E-Learning and mixes technology with education by using latest applications and web platforms. Our classes are equipped with smart boards . Each tablet is connected to a school network, which provides all the necessary information for their education. This approach has made RISS a leader amongst schools in environmental friendliness, reducing paper waste and the need for printing.

Science and Technology

RISS stands out because science takes on a new meaning in our organization.We make theory meet practice.Our courses prepare students for the necessary subject information. Moreover, our educational system offers students the opportunities to cement such knowledge through practice.Our partnerships with different industrial corporations in the region allow our students to become apprentices and experience real-world working environments.

One of our new innovative programs, the Future Scientists, focuses on giving each student real-world experience in a field of future interest such as being a doctor or an engineer. Our students get to work and live the life of a pilot or scientist and decide whether this is what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Why is this important? Students who have made these choices prior to attending the university will not lose valuable time deciding what they want to do with their lives.Working closely with their families, they will make educated choices ahead of time, which will save them money and time.