Middle School

Middle School

RISS Middle School’s academic and enrichment curriculum was developed based on Common Core standards for each grade level and on UAE prescribed Ministry of Education (MOE) Curriculum. The curriculum scope and sequence is adapted to meet the needs of each student at every grade level.

With a focus on developing the foundation necessary for effective functioning in high school and the larger community, our middle school division has created a program to foster skill development and greater independence.

Critical thinking and problem solving skill development are integral components of how the curriculum is executed. Hands-on projects and team building assignments are designed with the purpose of making studies relevant to students and connected to the world around them.

Additionally, students are encouraged to develop effective leadership and negotiating skills when working on long range projects with peers.

Subjects taught in Middle school are:

English, Math, Science, Arabic, Islamic, PE, Art, Social Studies, ICT and Qura’an.

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