Our Vision:

The RISS KG provides a safe and happy environment where every student is valued and his/her different needs are acknowledged, accepted and met.

Our focus is on enabling our learners to:

1. Achieve beyond the curriculum national and international standards

2. Develop skills that make them ready for the next grade level

3. Realize their potential to become curious thinkers, independent learners, productive, responsible, ethical, creative, and compassionate members of society.

4. Develop a positive attitude towards learning.

5. Acquire and apply Islamic values and be respectful to others

The KG at Resalah International School of Science is a place of exploration, independence, and challenge.

Our children embark on an educational adventure and discover the world around them. Every child’s inquiry is supported by a caring environment that is optimal for learning, self-discovery, and awareness. Our parents are an important part of these early years at school and are encouraged to play an active role in their child’s learning.

Young children learn best through inquiry and student-centered learning, and the team at RISS understands how crucial the early years are to the children’s future education. At RISS, children ask questions as they inquire and explore the world around them. They learn through play and discover new ways to express their learning creatively, with confidence and self-assurance.

A day in the KG is filled with opportunities for children to further develop their talents in life skills, art, drama, and public speaking.

Each child is valued as an individual and provided ample opportunity to realize his/her potential, talents and gifts. Our innovative teaching strategies ensure that every child is challenged and makes progress and attains the required academic benchmarks. The RISS KG follows the California Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten in English Language Arts and Mathematics. We also follow the Next Generation Science Standards. We lay equal focus on developing language skills in English and Arabic. Children engage in Islamic studies and study of the Holy Quran. We also ensure that Islamic values are embedded in all lessons and practiced in daily life.

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