High School Curriculum (grades 9 to 12)

High School Curriculum (grades 9 to 12)

The High School curriculum builds upon prior skill and content learning from the elementary and middle grades. The High School curriculum at RISS is firmly rooted in the Common Core Standards and the College Readiness Standards. Expectations for academic achievement are high, and instructional approaches are differentiated for each student based on learning style, strengths, and areas of needed support.

To graduate from RISS, a student must complete a minimum of 21 academic credits in English, Sciences, Mathematics, Social Studies, Physical Education and ICT. In addition, they must fulfill program requirements in Arabic and Islamic Studies.

English Algebra1 Geometry Algebra2 Calculus General








Social Studies ICT PE
1 credit per year 1 credit 1 credit 1 credit 1 credit 1 credit 1 credit 1 credit 1 credit 1 credit 1 credit per year 1 credit per year

To complete the credits, students at RISS should score at least 60% in each of the previously mentioned subjects.

In addition, they have to sit for standardized tests pertinent to core subjects.

SAT, SAT Subject, IELTS-Academic or TOEFL and CEPA

A hallmark of our program is the early recognition, and consistent re-evaluation of student strengths and interests as a way of engaging students in high level curricular study. Students are challenged to pursue learning in creative ways, and to actively collaborate, communicate and cooperate with classmates and teachers.

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