After School Activities

Activities 2020-2021

No. Term 1 Term 2
1 Back to school Happiness Day
2 Bullying Happiness Team
3 Children Day KG Literacy Week
4 Flag Day Literacy Week Gr.1-2
5 National Day Quran Competition
6 Gifted & Talented File Reading Month
7 Hand Washing Women's Day
8 Food day Participation in competitions outside the school
9 KSA National Day Math through Art
10 RISS Magazine Health Lectures
11 Teachers Day Lectures on Drugs
12 Tolerance International Mother Language Day
13 Virtual Trip Covid-19 Video
Hope Probe Interview
15 World Heart Day Evacuation Plan
16 Science Lectures After School Activities
17 Birth of the Prophet Virtual Trips
18 Charity Day Clinic Workshop
19 Participate in Competitions Healthy Care Lecture
20 Emirati Women's Day Happiness Hot Line
21 Elderly Day Arabic Competition
22 Videos Health Workshop
23 Clinic Lectures Sport Day

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