Admission Procedure

The selection of candidates for admission to Al Resalah International School of Science is based on academic qualification.

    Students will be assessed based on entrance exams covering:
  • Language arts skills in English
  • Computation and problem-solving skills in Mathematics
  • Pre-School applicants are admitted on the basis of a qualifying interview

Acceptance and Waiting List:

Al Resalah International School of Science will accept the best performing students based on their entrance exams until class capacity is reached.

After that, students who passed the entrance exam will be placed on the waiting list. The waiting list will be ordered by students’ performances in the entrance exam. If a vacancy opens up, the first student on the waiting list will be accepted.

Acceptance criteria

  • Student should attain 60% for Math and English
  • For students scoring between 50% and 59%, parents are required to present Marks Certificate for Term 1&2. After that parents should sign an undertaking.
  • Students who choose the science stream should score at least 80% in Math subject.

N.B: Students cannot complete their registration without these documents

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