We understand that each child is a unique and inquisitive bundle of energy that instinctively wants to learn. Students need to be guided by religious beliefs, parents, and teachers when embarking into this world of challenges.We will serve as facilitators who will provide a secure, caring and structured environment that will enhance our students’ ability to mature, make wise decisions, and to understand the subject matter being taught.We will encourage our students to be active participants in their language process by cultivating a love for knowledge.We will incorporate a combination of the various educational learning theories in our teaching, mainly Constructive, Multiple Intelligence and Bloom’s Taxonomy, as we aim to encompass many learning styles as possible.We all know that each student has his or her own unique way of learning and we promise to find that way and give your child the best learning experience of his or her life. We are confident that this formula will produce students who are responsible citizens who will impact not only in the UAE, but the global community as a whole.